• Why didn't the payment go through?

Make sure that the data entered are correct, that an allowed payment method has been used and that you have the sufficient amount to pay the total of the Products purchased, that your credit card has not expired. We do not accept payments in cash or with debit cards.

  • Where do I get the Order Confirmation and Notification?

Order Confirmations and Notifications are sent to the email address loaded during registration or subsequently modified and in place at the time of sending such communications.

  • How can I change the delivery address?

The change of the delivery address can be made via the tracking platform made available by the shipper.

  • Is it possible to request the customization of the Products?

No, it's not possible. The only products available are those present in the catalog from time to time.


Washing guide

The Products must be washed and maintained with some little advice:


  • wash the clothes after purchase;
  • the garments must be washed after each use to avoid alterations on the fabrics by sweat;
  • before starting the wash, make sure you have closed all the zips;
  • items with velcro parts must be separated from delicate fabrics;
  • wash by hand or in the washing machine with a delicate program maximum at 30 ° C;
  • do not wash light colored garments with dark garments together;
  • do not use centrifuge, dryer, fabric softener, stain removers;
  • Do not iron.

Further information for the care of the chamois

  • during use, limit the use of creams;
  • when washing, do not use fabric softeners as they can alter the bearing capacity of the foams.