First of all


Our prerogative is to produce a quality cycling clothing product, without compromise. We have put all our experience and commitment to make our collections functional and comfortable.

Every detail is designed to help you in your recurring movements during your days on the bike and the materials are selected among the best and most comfortable on the market. Try it yourself.

The next step


In the world of cycling clothing we often talk about performance, technology and technique, forgetting the distinctive trait of Made in Italy: style.

We, on the other hand, want to talk precisely about this, since we are interested in a product that has the best technical characteristics and an unmistakable style.

We have taken the patterns and colors of the Renaissance, revisiting them in a modern way, thus combining history, technical quality and fashion: the true Made in Italy of cycling clothing.

The distinctive trait


During the Renaissance, sleeves were the reference point for prestigious dresses. These, in fact, were rich in embroidery, patterns and precious elements, to make them prestigious and enrich their value.

From this custom comes the saying "it's another pair of sleeves" and from this detail, our name: Mànega, which in the Milanese dialect means, in fact, "sleeve".

Patterns and colors of our sleeves come together to make the outfit unique: you will be spoiled for choice to find the one that best expresses yourself.

Discover them all

To us, cycling is an experience

Cycling is an activity that goes beyond sports because it is a moment of connection, between oneself and what surrounds us: the landscape, the people, the emotions.

This is living the cycling with "a different pair of sleeves", ours.

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