A new meaning


During the Italian Renaissance artistic expressions reach levels of absolute value and novelty even in clothing. Models, shapes and colors of the clothes take on a new meaning : no longer just a symbolic value but also a tool with which to tell the desire for "beauty" .

The Renaissance portrait is strongly dependent on the classical tradition and a typical scheme with a celebratory and commemorative purpose is imposed: the profile .

Leonardo's knots


The Tuscan inventor created the extraordinary three-color velvet that Ludovico il Moro commissioned in 1494 to celebrate the investiture of the Duchy of Milan .

The Florentine genius is the creator of the knotted belt, a motif frequently recalled in his paintings such as the portrait of Cecilia Gallenari, the woman portrayed in 'La Dama con l'ermellino' of 1490 .



Inspired by a perennial plant that grows in arid and inaccessible places, the meaning of the symbology implied that, when the plants had grown "over time", then the lord of Milan would have been right of his enemies.

Therefore, a praise for patience and perseverance .



The decorative motifs of the fabrics of the time followed two schemes
with typical wordings of the time, still used today.

“A cammino” is the drawing that shows a pattern
developed horizontally
, with an alternating repetition that gives rise to a checkerboard effect .

PROFESSOR OF History and documentation of fashion AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MILAN

Margherita Rosina

The sleeves of the dresses become central elements due to the richness of the materials and patterns used . Not sewn to the dress, they could be changed according to the occasion: a clear sign of social belonging and from which the expression "It's a whole other pair of sleeves" originates. [Fig. another kettle of fish] 

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